Respectful and Caring Support In Complex Situations

Face Bureaucracy With Backup

We provide support and guidance for elders through a variety of complex situations. Perhaps a spouse has passed and the aging individual is now responsible for matters that they are not familiar nor comfortable with, or cognitive decline has set in and decision making and attention to details has become difficult. Whatever the struggle, we are available on an as-needed basis for assistance with:


Many legal questions and concerns come up as we age. Estate planning and real estate transfers being the most common. An elder care counselor can help guide the aging individual through this process and can help to effectively communicate the needs of the individual and their family to the attorney to ensure the desired outcome. 


Families often request assistance for their loved ones with banking. A trusted 3rd party aiding with this process can prevent family disputes. Often the family member closest in proximity to the aging individual is not always the one with the soundest financial history. Representation by a trusted elder counselor can prevent financial elder abuse and help the individual to maintain some independence.


This can be both during the purchase of insurance or when mitigating disputes with insurance over coverage for medical needs. These can be tedious and bureaucratic processes where attention to detail is essential. An elder care counselor can help ensure that all concerns are met and that necessary coverage is in place.


This often comes up with elders experiencing cognitive decline. Traffic tickets and parking tickets can result from poor decisions, or losing track of time. We can help the elder navigate this process and interface with the prosecutor to explain the mental state of the individual if necessary.

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