Developing a Roadmap for the Challenges Ahead

And Celebrating Every Stage of Life Along the Way

Founded by Thomas Caleca, Gerontologist, M.S.

Mr. Caleca offers direction, guidance and counsel to all contacts who require assistance for their life and their family’s lives pertinent to aging challenges.

Through his involvement and interface he achieves positive results which enable productive and successful aging among individuals of seniors.

Tom has been a hospice volunteer for the V.A. in Lyons, NJ as well as active Retired and Senior Volunteer Program member in Warren County, NJ. 

His certifications & creditials include: Credentialed National Association of Professional Gerontologists, Certified Dementia and Alzheimer’s Practitioner, Certified Council on Emergency Mental First Aid.

He also engages in various support group activities such as Caregivers and Mourning,  Southern Gerontology Association. 

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Your funding will be used for:

Our program of Elder Education and Awareness as the elderly are the most uninformed segment of society. I provide on site group presentations as well as in-home Intakes/Assessments, personally coordinate care, and comfort; establishment of caregiver and sharing support groups especially assisting female caregivers of all cultures who are working moms and who make up 85% of caregivers; provide connections for vital resources such as food, home repair and transportation assistance.


Our Ongoing Mission & Purpose

An Education Focused Initiative

Aging Support Solutions is focused on healthy aging and full living. With both local community and statewide resources, advancing the dignity and quality of life through advocacy, respect, and genuine solutions remains our greatest goal. Our organization is there to aid not only the aging community, but to guide and educate those who come in contact with the aging community of New Jersey, including, but not limited to, social programs, the medical community, and perhaps most importantly, the family members who are helping to support aging family members.

We endeavor to

  • Promote services that enable older adults to maintain their independence 
  • Provide leadership in the regulartory environment and advocate for the needs of the elder population in both legislation and public policy.
  • Guide and support the caretakers of the elder population, including adult relatives and spouses.
  • Educate the greater community to illuminate the needs of the elder population and to identify ways to compassionately and appropriately care for our elder neighbors.
  • Provide guidance on proper planning for healthy aging and productive living to the aging population and their families. 
  • Identify and connect the aging population with existing community and public resources.

Improving Lives, One Educational Presentation at a Time! 

To Schedule a Presentation Contact Us or Call Today: 908-763-2232   



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Elder Care

Our elderly family members deserve the best possible care. A proper care plan ensures that our elderly loved ones, their health providers, and family are all moving in the same direction. Expert, experienced guidance makes a world of difference when making important planning decisions.



Elder Advocacy covers a broad range of services, such as assisting seniors to apply for government benefits, such as Medicaid and Social Security disability, assisting seniors with banking or legal matters, reviewing medical bills and insurance claims, or providing support after a hospital stay.


Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Planning

Routines are essential for those suffering dementia and Alzheimer's. A care plan can unify the efforts of the family and medical community to provide the best, and most comfortable course of care and established routine possible.

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Thomas Caleca, Gerontologist, M.S, is available for speaking engagements! Too few adults know what to do when their parents move to a new stage of life. Learn what to look for, what your options are, and how to cope with these changes.

Comments from our clients

Ted D. “As an elder homeless veteran, Mr. Caleca acted swiftly in coordinating with the V.A. “Soldier On” program from which their case worker and Mr. Caleca obtained a one room apartment. He helps me weekly with my problems.”

Gloria J. “I came to Tom with a problem in reference to a major glitch that got out of control with my credit card company. He wrote a letter to the CEO and later chatted with an executive secretary. He arranged for a settlement saving me thousands and he has done this for other seniors I know. I like his informative presentations. We learn so much and he has a good sense of humor. Tom completes for us so many applications for county, state and federal programs.”

CeCe L. “Tom is a source for senior assistance and is involved with many seniors in the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.”

Mary O. “When my husband passed I was at a standstill in what I was supposed to do and Tom provided a course of action - Thank you!”

Gary U. “Tom is an extraordinary problem solver. He listens, questions and advises. He has helped me from homelessness to acquisition of social security as well as medical issues involvement.”

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